How To Unlock Your Most Radiant Glow – For Every Skin Type

How To Unlock Your Most Radiant Glow – For Every Skin Type

Feeling beautiful in your skin is a monumental part of every person’s journey to inner happiness. One of the best ways to treat and pamper yourself for healthy, glowing skin is to go natural!

Feeling beautiful in your skin is a monumental part of every person’s journey to inner happiness. One of the best ways to treat and pamper your skin for healthy, glowing skin is to go natural. When it comes to making the switch, start with small choices. Cecile’s products provide exceptional quality while using only raw, organic and unrefined ingredients, so that skin absorbs the full profile of nutrients and antioxidants present in the purest raw form. We want to enable you to live cleaner, sustainably, and consciously in every aspect of your beauty routine and daily life. One of the main tenets of Cecile’s is that we believe all skin can be good skin. Quality, whole products can help your skin can find its own natural equilibrium.

There are three main categories of skin types, each with its own unique needs for care and nourishment. We’ve researched extensively what each type of skin can look like, what it needs, and how you can take care of your skin to feel your most radiant – inside and out. 

The Nature of Beauty: Organic skincare, botanical rituals and clean cosmetics by Imelda Burke is a must read for natural beauty enthusiasts!


Type 1: Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Skin may be dry for a number of reasons, including environmental and diet-based factors. An important distinction to keep in mind is that dry skin involves an insufficient amount of naturally occurring oils, while dehydrated skin lacks the ability to retain moisture. Cecile’s products utilize naturally soothing and hydrating ingredients to lock in rich moisture. 

  • Genetic dry skin can be the result of poor diet (one lacking in fatty acids and omega 3 deficiencies) or other genetic factors like ichthyosis and eczema. 

  • Environmental concerns including harsh chemicals, synthetic detergents and soaps, and even lack of humidity in the home may all contribute to the lack of moisture and naturally occurring oils in your skin. 

  • Extremely dry skin may be an early sign of dermatitis – when the skin becomes inflamed with red blotchy patches and can be itchy, crack, scale or even bleed. With natural oils rich in moisture-locking nutrients including coconut, avocado, and shea butter, Cecile’s formulas soothe dry skin.

Type 2: Sensitive Skin

The term “sensitive skin” is often used as a catchphrase for unexplained and repeated reactions which may be caused by hidden chemical, as the FDA does not require manufacturers to list all ingredients in a product if those ingredients make up less than 1% of the total product volume or if the company is protecting a trade secret. Cecile’s offers full transparency, in both our product line and the Melanger blend bar.

A common list of skin sensitivities and reactions is below:

  • Scaly, rough patches

  • Tiny red bumps with redness and skin flushing

  • Burning and stinging sensations

  • Itchy and stinging sensations

  • Redness and puffiness around the eyes

  • Small, itchy red bumps that appear under the skin’s surface

Type 3: Oily, Combination and Spot-Prone Skin

The biggest issue with oily and combination skin experience is too much oil – but note that oily skin can still be dry or dehydrated, leading to excess sebum production. Spots can appear due to dietary or hormone imbalances as well, and some people may even develop acne. 

Essential oils like lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, ylang, and tea tree help balance sebum production. That’s why our Detoxifying Charcoal soap works so well. Charcoal pulls impurities, oils, and dirt out of pores while Eucalyptus and Bergamot essential oils help promote balanced sebum production.


Each skin type has different topical, dietary, and cleansing requirements. While there are products for each and every type, there are many natural, multi-use rituals with incredible benefits that every skin type can enjoy.

This simple 5-ingredient Chocolate Coffee Mask Scrub is a gentle exfoliant that relaxes the muscles, awakens the senses and soothes puffiness. Perfect for facial or full-body application, our Chocolate Coffee Scrub Mask is bursting with benefits from every ingredient: cane sugar boasts glycolic acid (the holy grail of exfoliators), ground coffee boosts collagen production while smoothing skin and tackling facial puffiness, while the soothing scents of coffee, lavender and peppermint energize, relax and promote mental clarity. 

All of the ingredients that go into this Chocolate Coffee Scrub Mask are natural and easily found at home, making it a cost-efficient and sustainable self-care project that only takes 5 minutes to make. 

Share with your friends and loved ones, pass along to anyone you meet who could benefit from an indulging act of self-love. 

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TIME TO PREPARE: 5 minutes


  • 4 tablespoons used coffee grounds

  • 3 tablespoons cane sugar

  • 1 tablespoon of pure unsweetened cacao powder

  • 3-4 tablespoons oil 

  • Up to 10 drops essential oil


  • Spoon coffee grounds, cane sugar, and cacao powder into a small bowl.

  • Use a spoon to mix together to a sandy texture and break up clumps

  • Add oil one tablespoon of oil at a time to desired consistency 

    • use less for grainy, wet sand texture 

    • use more for a spreadable application

  • Add up to 10 drops of essential oils

    • Peppermint

    • Lavender

    • Or none – this mask also smells delicious without any added scents!

This mask scrub can be used in two ways:

  • Use as a scrub in shower for face & body, exfoliate gently in an upwards circular motion

  • Spread over body as a mask, leave for 20 minutes; follow up with sudsy wash to dissolve oil (product recommendation Charcoal Soap, detoxify pores)

Follow up this scrub and mask routine with a rich moisturizer to lock in benefits all day, or all night!

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