About Us

Cecile’s Bath & Body is revolutionizing small-batch skincare and empowering you to live a cleaner, more authentic life through high-quality, natural, and customizable offerings. We create luxuriously indulgent products for everyday use that help solve life’s most irritating skin issues. 

Every product we create is cruelty-free and clear from unnecessary chemicals, surfactants, and harsh additives common among conventional brands. 

Our purpose is to help bring you back to the most elemental level of yourself. 

Cecile’s celebrates individuality, self-expression, and being your true authentic self. How we build products is confident, courageous, and deeply knowledgeable about the earth’s most ancient elements. We make the custom creation process energetic, fun, and uplifting. 

We exist to help you be unafraid of who you are deep down. 

We’re dedicated to supporting other small businesses and actively choose suppliers that source from traditional makers, like traditional salt farmers in France and the women’s collective in Ghana that produces our organic Shea Butter. 

We keep real people at the center of everything we do.