Inspire Your Senses With This Natural Yoga Mat Spray

Inspire Your Senses With This Natural Yoga Mat Spray

Embolden Your Yoga Practice By Adding In The Benefits Of Aromatherapy With This DIY Natural Yoga Mat Spray.

There are few things in life more adventurous and satisfying than taking a yoga class. In the short period of time in class, you learn new positions, breathing techniques, and connect with your body through fluid and meaningful movements. Not only is yoga a great example of mindful movement, it’s also an excellent way to de-stress. All the tension stored in your nervous system over the course of the day can finally be released! 

Yoga Is Great For Your Skin

Like we discussed in our blog on mindful movement, yoga and other forms of intentional exercise have innumerable benefits for your mind and your skin. From decreasing puffiness to moving toxins out of the body, there’s no reason not to get moving. 

Breaking a little sweat is great for you as well. When we sweat, toxins are released through perspiration and the increased blood flow promotes healthy circulation to your skin. This can also give you a mood boost as your brain is receiving more oxygen! All of these factors work together to help you achieve a healthy, glowing complexion. Just remember to shower promptly after your sweat session – letting sweat sit for too long on your skin can cause further irritation to any preexisting skin conditions! 


Is Your Mat Really Clean?

Speaking of keeping things clean, your yoga mat is another tool of the trade that should be cared for just as diligently as your skin. As always, using natural, sustainable, whole-ingredients to do so is best! 

Far too many yogis are acquainted with this familiar experience: you’ve shown up for class, and the loaner mat you’ve borrowed from the studio smells like… someone else’s feet. No amount of honors-system “clean it yourself” instruction can make up for the fact that the mat just isn’t as clean as it should be. 

Whether it’s a loaner mat or you haven’t treated your own mat to a thorough cleansing in a while, all yogis can benefit from carrying around their own yoga mat spray. 

Cecile’s DIY Yoga Mat Spray

This recipe for a DIY yoga mat spray will not only up your at-home practice, but thanks to tea tree oil also acts as an antimicrobial spray for those times when bringing your own mat to the studio isn’t an option. 

While there are innumerable essential oil options available, we recommend one of the following blends for your yoga mat spray: 

  • To awaken your senses and promote confidence: Eucalyptus, lemongrass or tea tree oil
  • For clear-headedness and ultimate relaxation: Lavender, tea tree and peppermint oil

We recommend pairing your Yoga Mat Spray with a practice that is gentle and uplifting, rather than one that is of higher intensity. Aromatherapy works best when it can thoroughly envelop you with its numerous benefits, which can get lost with intense activities. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to choose a relaxing oil combination for a pilates class, especially if you’re there to get moving and burn some calories! Try these oils with either a gentle morning flow or an evening Yin practice. 

To make the DIY Yoga Mat Spray you’ll need:

  • A small spray bottle
  • 60ml of water
  • A splash of vodka
  • 10-20 drops of an essential oil of your choice

Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle with the cap on and shake thoroughly. This spray can be applied to a towel to wipe down your mat, be used as a refreshing aromatherapy spray, or can even be sprayed directly onto your yoga mat to disinfect and enhance your practice. 

This sensory mist also makes for an excellent on the go refresher to keep in your bag – just spritz a little in the air to elevate your mood!

We create custom blends of mists and sprays to stimulate your senses and transport you to better, cleaner living. Check out our extensive options for essential oils and hydrosols and reach out to begin building your own custom spray today! 

Write us a message about creating your own signature Yoga Mat Spray. Let us know which essential oils you’d like, or tell us what sensations you want to experience with your spray. 

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