Intention-Filled Bathing Rituals For Self-Care

Intention-Filled Bathing Rituals For Self-Care

How do you show love for yourself? Clean beauty and the simple acts associated with self-care, like choosing natural cleansers and moisturizers, are some of the easiest ways to incorporate love into your daily life, especially during the full moon. Creating a more elaborate self-care experience that nourishes your soul as well as your body is an act that’s not to be overlooked. 

A combination of soothing body treatment and “spirit” lifting, bathing is an age-old practice that just so happens to be one of our favorite acts of self-care. Bathing traditions stem from several different philosophies and cultures, including Shinto, Buddhist, and Mayan. Of course, it’s inherent that the washing away of negative thoughts coupled with intentional relaxation has a renewing effect on the soul.

Our premium bathing salt blends are created with intention from the very start, from sourcing our materials to mindfully mixing each custom-ordered experience. By using quality ingredients sourced from sacred spaces, we set up your self-care rituals for success by infusing intention in the very molecules of each product.

 Full Moon Bath Ritual


Whether you consider yourself a crystal person – or not – incorporating energetic talismans into your bathing ritual adds a dimension of intention to your bath that will assist in allowing yourself to claim your self-love space. One way to use energy-clearing crystals in your self-love bathing ritual is to select some of your favorite stones (we recommend smoky quartz, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, citrine or carnelian!) and arrange them around the edge of your bathtub. As you prepare the rest of your bath, set an intention you would like to be amplified by the crystals. 

You may find bathing products online that claim to have powdered crystals infused in the blend, but most of the time the infusion is actually a natural dye (for example, bathing blends with “powdered rose quartz” may actually be a powdered beet-based dye). Additionally, not all crystals are safe to bathe with as they may contain toxic elements. Always research anything you place in your bath water!

DIY At Home Bathing Ritual

Start with a bath oil or soak that has a scent that really connects with you. You may find yourself attracted to calming botanicals like lavender and ylang, or even earthy, woody scents that recall sacred incense.  We offer a wide range of essential oil scent blends for our premium bathing salts and recommend the “Sensual Spa”  blend of Ylang, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree oils – but if an earthier scent like frankincense, cedarwood, or sandalwood is calling to you, leave a note with your order and we will create it for you! Here are a few simple steps to creating your self-love bath ritual: 
  • Clear and clean your space: make sure your bathroom is completely clean and decluttered. You may even want to light a few candles or smudge the space with incense.
  • Draw your bath, set an intention: while the hot water is filling up the bath, play some relaxing music and set up any crystals or talismans you’d like to incorporate into the ritual. As you’re setting the scene, remind yourself either out loud or through reflection what you’d like to release or receive during your bath.
  • Add your custom bathing blend: release the healing qualities of your custom bathing blend into the bathwater, infusing it with clean, natural minerals that will cleanse and uplift your mind and body together with the essential oil blend of your choosing.
  • Enjoy! Sink in and relax, allowing yourself to benefit from your self-care ritual. 
Make intention-filled bathing rituals part of your regularly scheduled self-care routine. Incorporating Cecile’s products into those rituals brings clean, nourishing, and sacred products into your space to benefit your body and mind. 
Premium Bathing Salt Custom Blend from Cecile's Bath & Body
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