Easy DIY Indulgent Shower Ritual

Easy DIY Indulgent Shower Ritual

Relax and unwind at the end of the day with an indulgent, cleansing shower ritual featuring our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and signature Shea Butter Whips

One of our favorite rituals is indulging in a relaxing warm shower after a long day. The simple act of washing away the day’s dirt and stress can elevate your mood like nothing else! But is your shower unknowingly damaging your skin?

It all depends on how you’re showering and what products you’re using. Synthetic or highly processed body products can leave your skin feeling parched, scaly and even a little itchy. The soaps you use in the shower make a huge difference on your overall skin health – everything from the foaming agents to the fragrances contained in the products have a lasting impact on your body and your mind.

When harsh soaps are combined with the drying effect (yes, drying!) hot water can have on the skin, you might find your body screaming for moisture after what you thought would be a relaxing experience. Fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable as hydration is wicked away from where you need it most. Your skin might even start to look dull and grey after prolonged harsh showering. No one wants to look in the mirror and look (and feel!) more exhausted than before their evening shower. Not the best way to end your evening!

When you choose to live cleaner with natural body products, you are gifting your skin with a lush, luxe experience and long-lasting benefits like plump, hydrated skin.

So, are you truly getting the most out of your evening shower? With this easy, indulgent DIY shower ritual featuring our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and Shea Butter Whips, you’ll never wonder if you’re making a shower faux-pas again… and your hydrated, glowing skin will thank you! Before you begin, you should know about the incredible benefits our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and Shea Butter Whips provide, and how exactly they work together as our shower ritual dream team.

Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Facial Soap

The Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

We fell in love with the benefits of activated charcoal a long time ago. It’s one of the most accessible and beneficial workhorses of the natural skincare world. Not only is activated charcoal a natural exfoliant, it also has anti-inflammatory properties for a brightening effect. Plus, it absorbs excess oils without being overly drying. Activated charcoal also makes for a wonderful solution for those with acne as it works to gently draw dirt and excess oil to the surface!

While our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap is gentle enough for your face, it also works wonders on the body – making it an excellent addition to your evening shower routine. Cleanse and relax at the same time as you breathe in the infused benefits of natural essential oils. Since our soaps are all natural and made with whole ingredients, you won’t be overwhelmed with lather and suds – just a soothing but gentle deep clean that will leave you feeling detoxed and refreshed. This product is our best seller for a reason!

Shea Butter Moisturizer Body Lotion

Choose Deep Hydration With Shea Butter Whips

If there’s one thing we insist on when it comes to natural beauty and nourishing skin care, it’s slathering on a layer of post-shower moisturizer. Your skin is especially receptive to absorbing moisture and nutrients at night while you’re sleeping, making it the perfect time to give your body what it needs. Our Shea Butter Whips are made purely with nourishing oils – no added water, chemicals or preservatives!

We absolutely love the benefits of aromatherapy, especially in our Shea Butter Whips. Organic lemongrass essential oils provide an aromatherapy experience while tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties. Not only is this aromatherapy good for your mind as it helps you relax and unwind, but tea tree oil has proven benefits from helping to soothe dry skin to combating acne.  

Our Shea Butter Whips feature whole and organic ingredients such as organic shea butter, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, organic beeswax, and organic arrowroot powder. This superblend of butters and oils was created with all skin-types in mind and applies delightfully with a light, silky smooth texture, leaving your skin feeling plump and moist, not greasy.

Body care products work best together, especially when they are natural and whole-ingredient based. Like we said before, delivering post-shower moisture to your skin is an absolute must. Together, our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and Shea Butter Whips deliver the only two skincare solutions you really need at the end of a trying day: cleansing and moisturizing. With this simple DIY Indulgent Shower Ritual, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to slip peacefully into the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while.

Bath And Shower Ritual

DIY Indulgent Shower Ritual with Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and Shea Butter Whips 

Part One – Bathe

  • Light a candle or two

  • Dim the lights if you can! 

  • Put on some relaxing music - we recommend this playlist. 

  • Run the water in the shower warm (not hot!) 

  • Wet a bar of Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and gently work the bar in circles over your skin, starting from your neck and working your way down the arms, torso, legs and feet. Let the lather sit on your skin for a few moments as the charcoal does it’s work!

  • Lather a small amount of the soap in your hands and begin working it into your face in small circular motions, massaging the activated charcoal into the skin for maximum detoxification

  • Rinse your whole body with warm water to wash away the toxins from the day!

Part Two – Indulge

  • Gently pat your body dry with a soft towel

  • Scoop a small amount of Shea Butter Whips into your hands – or however much you want!

  • Apply generously to your body from head to toe

  • Cup your hands and inhale in the soothing scents of lemongrass and tea tree oil. 

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 30 seconds. Thank your body for another fabulous day!

Turn your evening shower into a ritual worth celebrating with our best-selling Detoxifying Charcoal Soap and Shea Butter Whips. With all the benefits of natural beauty plus the incredible benefits of aromatherapy, your body and mind will thank you. 

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