Simple Ways To Alter Your Mood – Celebrate a "Free From" Day

Simple Ways To Alter Your Mood – Celebrate a "Free From" Day

One of the defining attributes of our present age is a distraction. We are isolated from living and breathing fully in each moment, our time is torn between monitoring real-time, hyperactive digital notifications all while attempting to keep up our physical appearances optimized to match the pace. Ditching your phone – and your makeup – might just be the ticket to a more balanced, relaxed, and luxurious lifestyle.

Living cleaner should include environmental factors and habits in addition to bath and body care products.  We’re told by big companies who are removed from everyday life to wear our makeup a certain way, to change and dye and cut our hair, even how to groom our bodies. While we firmly believe you should always do whatever makes you feel the most confident, the constant bombardment of outside influences can be exhausting and discouraging!

You have the right to feel luxurious without all the bells and whistles from expensive technology and beauty products. That’s why we create affordable luxury bath and body products that are free of synthetic ingredients, which only distract you from the truth of your own natural beauty. 


“Free From” Days

Fielding messages about how we should look, dress and act 24/7 takes up far too much of our precious energy – which is why we advocate for “Free From” days. These are screen- and makeup-free days when you put down the phone, shut off your laptop and let your beautiful, natural self shine

Going makeup-free is a great way to see your skin in all its beauty for an entire day. Our culture grooms us to wear makeup every day to adhere to certain standards, but what you’ll notice when you go makeup-free will astound you. You may notice different things about your skin’s condition – is it more oily than you thought? – that would otherwise be hidden by foundation. In fact, you might just discover that you don’t need foundation at all. Try going makeup-free for an entire day and take note of how you feel! 

 Clean Beauty – Inside and Out

“Free From” days are good for your mental health as well as your physical health. By eliminating small but consequential stressors, like cell phone notifications, email pings, repeatedly checking social media and even putting on makeup, we can begin to reconnect with ourselves in ways that benefit ourselves. Stress is a huge culprit of skin issues. What will your skin do when you give it a well-deserved rest? 

Start your “Free From” day with a clean, natural beauty routine. We have products for every step, from our cleansing Honey Oatmeal soap, to our Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist, Shea Butter Balms and our signature ultimate lip conditioner. Our distraction-free products will leave you feeling nourished and glowing for a day of calm connectedness.

Incorporating these tiny moments of clean self-care along with longer periods of renewing rituals cultivates feelings of well-being and satisfaction. What will you notice when you unplug and unwind on your “Free From” days?

Start your clean living skincare rituals with our Daily Essentials Kit, containing our best-selling Detoxifying Charcoal Soap, Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist and Ultimate Lip Conditioner.


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