Simple Ways To Alter Your Mood – Essential Oils

Simple Ways To Alter Your Mood – Essential Oils

Inhale. Bright florals mingle with an earthy, woody aroma; your shoulders drop another inch as the day’s tension melts away. The corners of your mouth begin to gently curl, a smile taking over your face. Bask in the elevating, healing, and transformative scent surrounding you.


Essential oils are popular healing alternatives for everything from anxiety disorders to digestive problems – but their true value, especially when it comes to living cleanly, is through the aromatic benefits they provide when blended and diluted in quality self-care products. When used in the bath, in lotions and body butters, and even in specially formulated soaps, essential oils add the benefit of aromatherapy to your everyday rituals. 

Cecile’s uses essential oils to add a complementary aromatherapy dimension to the natural ingredients our products are made of, often infusing calming and tension-relieving effects to products like our Made to Order Premium Bathing Salts and Shea Butter Whips. Our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap contains eucalyptus and bergamot essential oils plus activated charcoal to help produce a brighter complexion as they clear pore. Clean, natural, and unprocessed, every ingredient used in our creations serves a purpose. 

Some of our favorite essential oils include lavender, vetiver, bergamot, chamomile, and eucalyptus, though we offer many more options when creating custom body-care products through our Melanger Bar. 


Cecile's Essential Elixir is made with eight essential oils


Breathing is one of the most powerful and intrinsic tools we possess. Taking slow, deep breaths is particularly therapeutic when using quality essential oils that help to reset the parasympathetic nervous systems. When these systems are calm and quiet, the hormones produced start to normalize, benefitting the skin, hair, mind, body, and being – holistically.

It’s useful to have a scent that you use only at night, which sends signals to your body that you are getting ready for your nightly sleep ritual. Reach for your custom essential oils blend; any that are promoted as reducing anxiety, restlessness, and nervous tension, which can be applied to your pulse points and pillow, will do. These are some essential oils that are useful for bedtime rituals: 

  • Lemongrass - nervous system tonic, great for calming the mind and body

  • Bergamot - calming and can also help create a feeling of relaxation and reduce agitation

  • Chamomile - benefits inner harmony, reducing overthinking, anxiety and worry.


Before bed, take your essential oil blend and apply to your pulse points (your temples, wrists, or even just behind your ears). Get comfortable under the covers and close your eyes, initiating a simple breathing ritual. Inhale deeply and let the benefits of the essential oils calm your mind and body, allowing yourself to slip into a deep and restorative sleep.

*Not all essential oils are meant to be inhaled, and all essential oils should be diluted before using – always be sure to check with your doctor first before applying or trying anything new!

Infuse your daily rituals with the healing benefits of essential oils infused in every Cecile’s product.

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