Hoboken Green Fair, Spring 2014

Six years + counting!

This week marks six years from the first time I sold my handcrafted bath & body products at the Hoboken Green Fair. I made about $60 that day but wow, I was completely over the moon. I was amazed that people liked the recipes I'd created and even more amazing, they were willing to pay for them. Never before had I felt such excitement and pride and hope.

Since then, Cecile's products have greatly evolved as we've served countless customers from around the world at maker markets + holiday fairs in the NY/NJ area. Loyal customers have supported Cecile's with their dollars and referrals.

Today, COVID-19 is forcing me to change my business model, but instead of defeat, I see opportunity! I feel more hope and joy than ever, knowing that this is another chance to grow towards the sun.

If you haven't already, follow us on Instagram at @CecilesBathandBody.

Let's support one another and know that anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger than ever before.


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