The Exfoliating Mask That Works For Every Skin Type

The Exfoliating Mask That Works For Every Skin Type

From Dry, Oily, Acne Prone And Otherwise Grouchy Skin, There Are Many Ways To Use Our Brightening Facial Grains Natural Face Mask To soothe Any Skin Condition. 

For many people, face masks are an easy go-to when looking to infuse a little self-care into your day. Face masks are the ultimate slow-down activity (other than painting your nails), perfect for a sleepy, rainy day or soothing night-time ritual.

With all the products on the market, you might be inclined to think that there’s no one face mask that works for every skin type – but that’s not true! The beauty of holistic skincare products made with nutritious whole ingredients is that there’s a benefit for every skin type, from soothing anti-inflammatory components to nutrient dense, earth-based elements. 

What Are The Benefits of Face Masks?

There’s more to your weekly face mask than 15 minutes of “me-time” – though it shouldn’t be understated how important relaxation is for healthy, glowing skin.

Face masks are one of the best treatments you can do because they deliver so many diverse benefits in one swift move, from moisturizing to tackling inflammation. Not to mention, smoothing on a rich, delightfully-scented mask onto your skin feels oh so refreshing at the end of a long day.

Here are just a few benefits of using a face mask, from a more vibrant glow to improved complexion. 

5 Benefits of Face Masks For Every Skin Type

  1. Tackle fine wrinkles - Starting to see some laugh lines when you look in the mirror? While we think natural ageing is beautiful, face masks can help alleviate some of the sneakier signs of ageing. Massaging the mask onto your face can help increase blood flow and promote collagen production. Likewise, when you remove the face mask by using gentle circular motions with your fingertips and water, you are effectively giving yourself a face massage. As a bonus, this tends to feel really good, too! 
  2. Kick dry skin to the curb. There are many masks that are formulated specifically to hydrate your face, but it’s worth noting that any face mask you indulge in prepares your skin to absorb moisture. It all depends on how you use it!
    1. Contrary to popular belief, natural clay-based masks should never dry while on your face! This can cause over-drying and lead to unhappy, itchy and dry skin. If you notice your mask starting to dry out after a few minutes, spray with water or our Rejuvenate Calmative Mist. And of course, always follow your mask routine with a natural, whole-ingredient moisturizer like our Shea Butter Whips [link to shea butter whips]. 
  3. Eliminate blemishes. Many masks will claim to draw the dirt right out of your pores, but fail to deliver on that promise. Our Brightening Facial Grains natural face mask is specifically formulated with a blend of natural clays to draw out toxins and imperfections while delivering nutrients and nourishment into your skin, straight from the earth. 
  4. Soothe inflammation and irritation – When choosing a face mask look for whole, natural ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. Whole ingredients help to regulate and compliment your skin’s natural microbiome, strengthening the crucial barrier of oils and healthy bacteria you need for clear, glowing skin.
  5. Decompress – Who couldn’t use a little more relaxation these days?! The 10-15 minutes you spend with your face mask is 10-15 potential minutes of meditation, relaxation, and decompression. Savor it!

How Brightening Facial Grains Benefits All Skin Types

Our mission is to create holistic natural products that work for every skin type, and that’s exactly what our Brightening Facial Grains does with it's built-in clay mask. 

Part of living cleaner means transparency in ingredients. We use whole ingredients that are natural and organic as often as possible, along with the highest grade essential oils and salts we can source. This means that our products, while ideal for certain skin issues like dry skin, eczema and rosacea, can be used by anyone regardless of your skin type. 

When we were formulating our Brightening Facial Grains, we wanted to create a product that was tough on blemishes and everyday toxins, but gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Our Brightening Facial Grains provides a gentle exfoliation that has the added benefit of reducing dark spots, providing a brightening treatment. A delicate blend of Organic Adzuki Beans, Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Coconut Milk, and Activated Charcoal deliver brightening treatment along with detoxifying and moisturizing qualities in one. 

Still not convinced there’s a one-face mask-fits all product like our Brightening Facial Grains? Here’s exactly how our natural ingredients work together as an exfoliating facial mask that benefits every skin type.

4 Common Skin Issues Our Brightening Facial Grains  Tackles

  1. Acne & Blackheads - Activated charcoal works swiftly to draw impurities and toxins to the surface. Like a magnet for dirt, activated charcoal is a trusted natural product often made with burnt coconut husks that provides a simple solution for blemishes that are tough to tackle, drawing out and washing away blackheads and other impurities. 
  2. Dark spots - Gentle organic essential oils deliver brightening treatment along with detoxifying and moisturizing qualities in one. Lavender, while Ylang Ylang helps to balance and regulate oil production while maintaining hydration and soothing inflammation. Both Lavender and Ylang Ylang work together to promote relaxation. 
  3. Dry Skin - Face masks work overtime to eliminate dry skin. The Brightening Facial Grains contains finely ground organic adzuki beans for a gentle manual exfoliation, while lactic acid from dried coconut milk melts away more stubborn dead skin cells through a delicate chemical exfoliation and delivers lasting hydration.
  4. Oily Skin - arrowroot powder softens skin and helps reduce oil & sebum production. Ylang Ylang essential oil also helps to curb oil production, leaving your skin feeling balanced and nourished.

Brighten your complexion while indulging in our delightfully refreshing Brightening Facial Grains mask. No matter your skin type, you’ll see lasting benefits that will have you glowing from the inside out! 

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