This Cult Favorite Is The Go-To Moisturizing Balm For Every Skin Type

This Cult Favorite Is The Go-To Moisturizing Balm For Every Skin Type

Natural Beauty Enthusiasts Swear by The Universal Body Balm

Say “goodbye” to greasy body balms! The Universal Body Balm delivers a luxe dose of total-body moisture that nourishes skin, hair, lips, cuticles, and anywhere else on your body that could use some extra luxurious hydration – even on-the-go. 

For many people, finding the right moisturizer is a complete hassle. From oils to butters, lotions and more, the amount of options can drive you crazy! With the sheer number of products on the market today, there’s one product that serves as a one-stop-shop for total body hydration: body balms. After struggling with this exact same problem for years, we finally created our very own multi purpose moisturizer: the Universal Body Balm! 

All of our products are made with great care for people of all different skin types and conditions, and while all of our products are suitable for everyone, our Universal Body Balm takes the cake when it comes to versatility. We spent years perfecting the ideal blend of butters, oils, and essential oils until we reached the perfect, blissful ratio for balmy skin nutrition. Our Universal Body Balm is a cult favorite with our clients for a reason.

Finally, A Perfect Multipurpose Moisturizer

Mainstream beauty bloggers will have you believing that you need a well-orchestrated 5 step Korean skincare routine to achieve perfectly glowing, dewey skin. As natural beauty enthusiasts, we know that paring down and going back to nature is not only the healthier option – it can also be an easier, less stressful option. That’s why we created one of our favorite products yet: the Universal Body Balm.

Finding the perfect moisturizer for multipurpose hydration used to be considered an impossible feat. Many people in search of nourishing, natural moisturizers have turned to balms and oils that deliver long-lasting, intense hydration. Products on the mainstream market often contain synthetic or harsh ingredients or, even worse, offensive synthetic fragrances. Even natural and organic products on the market can be lacking when it comes to absorption and performance. Our Universal Body Balm was created out of the need for practical, effective moisture on-the-go. 

The Benefits Of All-Natural Body Balm

What’s your moisturizing routine? Do you start your morning by slathering on a facial serum, wake yourself up with a spritz of hydrosol in the afternoon, and then dab your eye cream on in the evening before bed? While we’re big advocates of beauty rituals (link to body rituals blog post), we know that you might not have the time (or willpower) every day to indulge. Think of this stick as your go-to for complete moisture.

We created the Universal Body Balm because we saw a need for a reliable, natural moisturizer that not only worked, but is multipurpose in nature and easier to reach for than your morning coffee. Other balms can be sticky, greasy or don’t absorb well into your skin. They leave your hands slick and slippery, or may be riddled with synthetic ingredients. The Universal Body Balm is the remedy for the bad balm experience, leaving you feeling satin-smooth without the tackiness of other stick balms you may have encountered. 

Intense moisture shouldn’t have to wait until you get home to your Shea Butter Whips. That’s why The Universal Body Balm is in a convenient stick form. For a dose of on-the-go skin nourishment, keep a stick of this signature product in your purse, your car, and even your parent’s house (your mom will thank you). 

Universal Body Balm For Every Skin Type

The Balm For Every Skin Type

How can one product work so perfectly for every skin type? We have natural, whole ingredients to thank for that. Our commitment to clean, whole, and as often as possible organic ingredients is an act of love that we infuse to all our products, especially The Universal Body Balm.

Skin, regardless of your complexion, responds incredibly well to natural, whole ingredients. Just like highly processed foods can wreak havoc in your diet, synthetic ingredients in your skincare products (including balms) can actually work against the glowing skin you’re working towards. There’s a reason why our indulgently natural products are loved by every skin type!

The unique blend of whole ingredients in our Universal Body Balm are tried and tested to do their jobs and nothing else – that means delivering deep, long-lasting hydration without the threat of clogged pores, trapped dirt or irritation. The organic plant butters in our Universal Body Balm tackles rough patches, penetrating into even the deepest layers of the skin for lasting nourishment. Oil blends provide a soft glow. Beeswax is an incredible humectant which serves to draw in and seal in moisture to your skin.

If you’ve tried our products before, you already know how important a role natural essential oils play in the experience we create. The Universal Body Balm delivers a dose of soothing aromatherapy no matter where you go, leaving you moisturized and relaxed! 

From normal to dry and even oily skin, the perfect balm does exist. These are just a few ways our customers swear by using The Universal Body Balm:

8 Ways To Use The Universal Body Balm

  • Lip Saver – dried, chapped lips are replenished with our balm, leaving them plump and smooth  
  • Split End Smoother – gently brush through frizzy hair or split ends for long-lasting, non-greasy moisture
  • Cuticle Balm – soothe cracked cuticles and nail beds for smooth hands
  • All-Over Body – a little goes a long way, moisturizing from your head to your toes
  • Makeup Primer – after cleansing, dab a small amount of the balm onto your face for a non-greasy, moisturizing base for your makeup
  • Pregnancy-Safe – keep stretch marks and itchy skin at bay by slathering on our all-natural body balm
  • Dry, Cracked Heels – soften rough, cracked heels with intense moisture as needed
  • Body Hair Care – soften and smooth armpit, leg and even pubic hair with the Universal Body Balm

Have you indulged in our Universal Body Balm yet? Let us know what you think! 

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