Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dry, Chapped Winter Lips

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dry, Chapped Winter Lips

Dry lips are a nuisance. Here’s how to prevent them and protect your lips for smoother, softer, plumper lips all year round.

Skip the dry lips this winter. By tackling dry, chapped lips head on, you can enjoy a smooth, hydrated pucker in all seasons. 

There are few things more annoying than dry, chapped lips. Not only are they a nuisance, they can make you feel self-conscious as well, causing you to pick at them, lick them, and do other things that otherwise make the problem worse.

Luckily, there are a few easy, natural and accessible ways to cure dry lips and protect them from harsh winter weather. With our favorite natural beauty hacks, you’ll be on your way to softer, plumper, and more moisturized lips in no time!

Why Are My Lips Dry?

Dry lips can be the result of many different reasons, from seasonal weather changes to dehydration, and even old, gross lip balm from the bottom of your bag. In fact, you might be slathering on all the medicated lip balm you can find only to have your dry lip problem get worse. What gives?! Here are some of the most common reasons that might have you wondering why your lips are so dry:

How to prevent dry chapped lips.

Reasons Why Your Lips May Be Dry:

Weather changes. The most common reason why your lips are chapped is from seasonal weather changes – especially the shift from fall to winter. Let’s just say that the leaves on the trees aren’t the only things that are shriveling up right now!

Colder, drier weather practically sucks the moisture out of your hair and skin, and is particularly damaging to sensitive areas like your hands and lips. There’s a drop in humidity, which is usually a wonderful source of dewey hydration during steamy summer months. Less humidity in the air means less moisture on your skin. Applying deeply hydrating moisturizer to your skin is particularly important during the winter months!

Spoiled lip balm. There’s a chance that your skin might still be riding off the benefits of summer humidity (or you’re just impressively hydrated). This might mean that you haven’t reached for your lip balm in a few months… and if you’re anything like us that lip balm has been rolling around in your car or the bottom of your purse for months at this point. Did you know that lip balms can go bad?!

It’s true – even “shelf-stable” drug store lip balms can spoil, especially if they contain artificial dyes and fragrances (which, spoiler alert: most of them do). We use whole, natural, and organic ingredients because what you put on your skin and lips should be just as nourishing as the foods you eat. Preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances are all additives that have the potential to deconstruct, spoil and otherwise make your life miserable. 

Allergens. There’s more danger to artificial additives and hidden ingredients in your typical over-the-counter lip balm than just spoilage. Allergens are a major problem that might just be plaguing you with chronic chapped lips. Artificial dyes and fragrances are major allergens for many people, something one might not even realize if they never make the switch to natural beauty. 

Some signs you may be having an allergic reaction to ingredients in your lip products include:

  • Swelling in the lips (not the cute kind you might experience from lip-plumping products)
  • Tenderness  
  • Redness
  • Hot to the touch
  • Excessive dryness or cracking
  • Itchiness or discomfort

Eliminating synthetic ingredients and potential allergens is the first step to living cleaner. First things first: toss the drug store lip balm. It’s time for nourishing natural beauty to come to the rescue.

Our Ultimate Lip Conditioner Is The Perfect Cure-All For Your Chapped Kisser

All things are possible with natural beauty – including soothing even the driest of chapped lips. When we created our Ultimate Lip Conditioner, we knew we had something special going on. No need to worry about the tacky, sticky feeling many balms leave on your lips: the Ultimate Lip Conditioner is smooth going on and stays that way for lasting moisture with a silky, luxurious texture. 

The Ultimate Lip Conditioner is among our top sellers with good reason – this stuff really works. Our signature blend of argan and olive oils plus organic shea butter delivers deep moisture to even the driest lips. Moisturizing humectants found in all-natural honey is the perfect solution for locking in moisture, all while giving your pucker the plumping hydration treatment you deserve. 

The beauty of this lip balm comes down to the ingredients: whole, natural and nutritious elements that work together to infuse your lips with healing hydration and sealed (with a kiss) with beeswax. And of course, our special calling card of expertly formulated aromatherapy will leave your lips deliciously scented with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. 

5 Beauty Hacks For Softer, Fuller Lips This Winter

  1. Stay hydrated! According to the Mayo Clinic, our bodies are made up of 50%-70% water. We lose water constantly through our skin, mouths, sweat, and more. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and get your beauty sleep to stay optimally hydrated. 
  2. Cut back on the booze (and cigarettes). Alcohol and tobacco are one of your skin’s worst nightmares. These incredibly dehydrating habits will not only disrupt your sleep cycle (which is bad for your skin!) but will suck all the moisture out of your epidermis as well. Get that glow back, baby. Put down the cigarettes and cut back on the after-work cocktails to keep those lips plump and hydrated.
  3. Exfoliate your lips regularly. Never underestimate the power of exfoliation! Sloughing off dead skin cells is the first step in prepping your lips to absorb and maintain moisture. The more layers of dead skin cells lip balm has to work through, the less effective it will be. Exfoliating at least once a week during seasonal weather changes is an easy start to getting softer, plumper lips.
  4. Try a lip mask. After exfoliating, dab a little manuka honey mixed with coconut oil onto your lips. Allow it to soak in overnight for maximum benefits. Nourishing coconut oil will be able to work it’s magic overnight on your lips as honey, a natural humectant, draws in moisture and infuses your lips throughout your sweet slumber. 
  5. Slather on the Ultimate Lip Conditioner. Add our Ultimate Lip Conditioner to your morning and evening skincare ritual, and apply liberally throughout the day for smooth, hydrated, naturally beautiful lips. 
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