We Love These Natural Beauty Secrets Of The Ancient Egyptians

We Love These Natural Beauty Secrets Of The Ancient Egyptians

Easily the most influential culture of the ancient world, the Ancient Egyptians established the most advanced practices in medicine and the workings of the body in the ancient world. They also had advanced beauty and skincare practices that are still relevant today.

Ancient Egyptians are known for their innovation with makeup and body adornment – decked out in gold jewelry and elaborate wigs, black kohl dramatically outlining their eyes, bright red lips, and even nail polish made from tar – impressions of a regal Queen Nefertiti come to mind. 

Did you know that ancient Egyptians had an affinity for beauty and skincare as well? As a culture obsessed with youth, beauty, and the afterlife, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. In fact, cosmetics are one of the most common items placed in tombs.

The secrets of this incredible bathing culture are still very much accessible, using many of the same natural healing ingredients that we use in our own products today. And, just like our customers, the Ancient Egyptians’ makeup, perfume, and beauty rituals weren’t merely for aesthetic purposes – they had important practical and ritual meanings as well. 


Modern Rituals With Ancient Origins

Cecile’s products are for modern people, informed by thousands of years of tradition and ritual. We love looking to the past for insight and inspiration as we create timeless, indulgent products for contemporary beauty-seekers – one of the reasons why we’re so captivated by the beauty secrets of Ancient Egypt! 

The Ancient Egyptians knew that beauty and skin care wasn’t just for show – it was deeply nourishing for the spirit as well as the body. From oils to milk baths, how did the Ancient Egyptians harness the natural healing qualities of plants and whole ingredient products like milk and honey for personal care? 

Body Oils 101

The earliest records of beauty routines can be traced to the Ancient Egyptians, who documented not only the rituals of kings and queens but of court life as well. With the harsh desert environment, this culture found ways to maintain soft, hydrated skin despite the dry air. 

Like many natural beauty proponents today (including us!), Ancient Egyptians used plant-based oils in their beauty routines. Many of their common skincare products were body oils containing sesame, moringa, and olive oil to keep their skin moist. Castor oil, now widely known for its healing properties, was used to condition and regrow the hair along with essential oils of rosemary.

The benefits of these oils are still revered today, known to deliver intense hydration and nutrients with powerful anti-aging properties. These oils serve to keep the skin youthful and beautiful even through the afterlife. 

Milk and Honey

Milk and honey have been a nutritional power couple since recorded history began, providing incredible nutrient-dense support for both dietary needs and the skin. Plus, the smell of these two together is absolutely divine. 

Honey is packed with antibacterial qualities, and both smells and tastes amazing – no wonder it is a common ingredient in many natural beauty products! Honey is also a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture out of the air and delivers it straight to your skin. 

Milk contains lactic acid, a gentle but powerfully effective chemical exfoliant that is found commonly in many beauty products today. In fact, our Brightening Grains Facial Mask contains coconut milk, which has its own natural exfoliating effects. 

Queen Cleopatra herself was known to take milk baths mixed with honey to maintain her youthful appearance. While it’s not exactly cost-effective or eco-friendly to fill your tub with 2% milk, you can achieve similar results by using products containing coconut milk powder or lactic acid. 

You deserve your own royal treatment, which is why we created the Coconut Milk Polish & Soak. Perfect for a gentle, effective exfoliation or nourishing soak in the tub, coconut milk and arrowroot powder work together in this special blend to calm troubled skin and help you maintain smooth hydrated skin. Our Coconut Milk Polish & Soak will have you feeling like a queen!


Scrub or Soak with Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt is packed with naturally healing minerals and nutrients, which is probably why Cleopatra included a scrub down with this special salt in her beauty routine. 

Dead sea salt or any other nourishing salt like Epsom or Himalayan salt are easy elements to add into your weekly beauty routine, particularly if you’re looking to add some extra relaxation to your life.

Baths are a great way to indulge and treat yourself to a healing and soul-nourishing moment, which is why we offer made-to-order Premium Bathing Salts. You can choose from over 50 different essential oils, organic flowers, herbs & more to create the bathing experience you’ll love!

Soap Pastes of Ash and Clay

Soap might seem like a relatively new invention, but Ancient Egyptians mastered the art of soaps and body washes. Most likely made of oil mixed with ash or clay, the soaps of Ancient Egypt were nourishing and healing thanks to the combination of skincare heavy hitters: olive oil and ash.

Olive oil acts as a rich antioxidant and has age-defying properties, helping the skin appear nourished and youthful while ash draws out impurities while delivering minerals.

Our contemporary spin on this classic formula reaches peak perfection with our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap.  With only activated charcoal, olive oilshea butter, castor oil, and our signature essential oils blend, your skin will be as clean and regal as an Egyptian courtesan. 

Yes, You Can Totally Bathe Like Cleopatra

Looking to infuse a little ancient mystique into your beauty routine? Try bathing like Cleopatra! Start out by taking a refreshing, nourishing bath with our Made to Order Premium Bathing Salts, then give your body a scrub down with the extra moisturizing and bubbly Coconut Milk Soap. Wrap yourself in a warm towel or robe as you indulge in our Brightening Facial Grains, then feed your skin with our delightfully rich and creamy Shea Butter Whips. 

Harnessing the power of the Ancient Egyptians and their incredible bathing culture is easy when you use products that stay as close to the source as possible. We’ve dedicated our brand to honoring tradition while providing nothing but the highest quality, modern skincare products. Give yourself the royal treatment you deserve and live cleaner by choosing simple, luxurious products made with whole ingredients. 


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