We’re Obsessed With Finnish Saunas (It’s All About The Löyly)

We’re Obsessed With Finnish Saunas (It’s All About The Löyly)

No one knows better how to stay cozy during the long, dark winter months than the Scandinavians – we love their dedication to the hygge lifestyle!

Hygge, which is the Danish and Norwegian word for a feeling of coziness, contentment and general well-being achieved by enjoying the simple things in life, is a concept that luckily has caught on worldwide in recent years. And yes, that includes the world of beauty and skincare as well (we’ve totally bought into it, and we’re not looking back). 

During the cold, dark depths of winter, choosing hygge over… well, being cold and sad, is really a no brainer. How do the Scandinavians maintain such a cozy existence despite the long nights and cold winters?

One of their best secrets is: the sauna. That’s right, something seemingly as simple as going to the sauna is actually one of the best defenses against seasonal depression – but it’s more than just a once-in-awhile indulgence. For most Scandinavians, the sauna is a way of life. 

How Saunas Help You Fight Off The Winter Blues

Cold, dry air is arguably one of the worst aggressors interfering with soft, supple, healthy skin. With less moisture in the air our lips crack, knuckles dry, and our faces start to lack that gorgeous, dewey look that signals happy, healthy skin. And then, the doldrums set in.

After centuries of living in cold, dark, and otherwise harsh conditions, Scandinavians and particularly Finnish people have really mastered the art of finding ways to stay cozy, hydrated, and glowing. One of their biggest secrets? Sauna sessions.

Most traditional sauna and bath experiences, like the Turkish hammam or Russian bath, include some variation of temperature extremes that serve to improve circulation in the body. Yes, hitting up the sauna is more than just a relaxing trip to the spa – it’s actually good for your health! In addition to relaxation, other perks of a sauna session include better immune response, detoxification, and even serotonin release. 

Sauna sessions are a near-daily activity in Scandinavian culture and are a big social activity as well. Combining the mental benefits of cozy camaraderie along with the physical advantages of a good sweat and steam session is the perfect way to fight off seasonal sadness. Plus, the steam and temperature variations make for a refreshing and uplifting experience for your skin and mood.  


Why We’re So Obsessed With Löyly

Löyly is the term for the steam that rises off the hot sauna stove or rocks – but that definition is pretty severely limiting. While this steam is the secret to a good spa session, it represents so much more.

Scandinavian sauna culture is deeply embedded with folklore and myth, and so it’s fitting that the term for this special steam is derived from the same word that’s used to describe our very life force. Cecile’s products are infused with tradition and ritual as we seek to bring deeper meaning and connection to the mind and body for all people with our modern skin care rituals.

We’d be remiss not to mention the incredible age-reversing benefits of löyly… in fact, this special steam is so powerful that The Finnish Sauna Society even mentions this incredible transformation:

Ilmari Kianto (1874-1970) describes a countrywoman’s facial transformation in his novel The Red Line: “There in the gentle löyly, the wrinkles on her face smoothed away, and the deep-blue shadows under her eyes gave way to a healthy colour. It was as if the heat had also melted away the darkness of her soul…”.

If the anti-aging benefits of löyly are truly that powerful, it looks like we’ll be indulging in way more steam facials from here on out! 

Channeling The Spirit of Löyly For Everyday Renewal

Not everyone has the luxury of regular sauna access, but most of us do have at least a shower – and where there’s hot water, there’s steam. 

You don’t have to hop on a flight to Helsinki to get the benefits of a traditional Scandinavian sauna experience. A soothing warm or hot shower at the end of the day is the perfect way to recreate the hygge feeling for yourself at home, no matter where you are. There’s nothing that a little steam can’t help wash away after a long day!  

We created the Löyly Luxe Package with those who enjoy relaxing and unwinding with a nice hot shower at the end of the day. Each package is filled with three different nourishing soaps made with pure, natural olive oil and coconut oil, along with one of our signature aromatic mists and a mesh loofah for an indulgent renewing scrub. 

When you order the Löyly Luxe Package, you’ll receive a selection from the following signature products:

  • Detoxifying Charcoal Soap: This best seller comes in every box! Cleanse and detox with the help of activated charcoal.

  • Adzuki Scrub Bar: Patchouli Paradise, Brown Sugar & Fig, Moonlit Gardenia OR Tea Tree & Lemongrass. The Adzuki Scrub Bar delivers natural, gentle exfoliation while packing in whole-ingredient hydration for your skin. 

  • Coconut Milk Soap:  Black Cherry or Brown Sugar & Fig. Another one of our crowd favorites, the Coconut Milk Soap is refreshing and renewing thanks to the soothing nourishment derived from coconut milk.

  • Aromatic Mist: Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist or Rejuvenate Calmative Mist. Both of our aromatic mists help you create your own sense of calm with skin soothing hydrosols and therapeutic scents. 

Recreate your own at-home sauna experience by switching up the temperature in your shower. Start off by rinsing your body with cool water (not too cold!) and lather up with one of our signature soaps from the Löyly Luxe Package

Wash off the soap, and then turn the water temperature up to an even warmer temperature – just enough to make some steam! Breathe in the aromatics from the soap as it mingles with the steam for a few minute and then – quickly! – turn the temperature of the water to a cold blast. This cold snap will leave your mind alert, your skin firm and your body feeling utterly refreshed.

Finish off by misting your body with one of our signature aromatic sprays. Breathe deep, and relax! 

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