Why Exfoliating Is The Can't-Miss Step In Your Skincare Routine

Why Exfoliating Is The Can't-Miss Step In Your Skincare Routine

Skincare rituals might be having a big (and well-deserved) moment right now in the wellness space, but are you making the most of your routine? 

What is Exfoliation?

The act of buffing away dead skin cells – exfoliating – is one of the most well-known tricks in the beauty book for removing dull surface cells to achieve healthy, glowing skin. In order to maximize the benefits and absorption of moisturizing products, exfoliation should always be the first step in your regularly scheduled deep-conditioning ritual.

After all – if you’re slathering rich, nutrient-dense moisturizer on top of dead skin cells, chances are you’re passing up major benefits because the product simply can’t absorb fully into your skin. This could mean that many of your precious facial products may not be living up to their full potential. 

Don’t fret any wasted product just yet, though; there are many easy and accessible ways to incorporate exfoliation into your skincare routine. 

Types of Exfoliation

Beauty enthusiasts may be drawn to chemical exfoliation, which in our opinion is best left to dermatologists and skin-care professionals and maintained at home according to their instructions. Folks with more sensitive skin may prefer an enzymatic exfoliant that uses fruit and plant-based enzymes, acids, and vitamin C to brighten the skin. Another method, manual exfoliation, involves massaging natural products like sugar, wax beads, and coffee to remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion.

Cecile’s Brightening Facial Grains exfoliating mask combines the best of enzymatic and manual exfoliants to revitalize and perfect skin with the use of organic ground adzuki beans, a blend of clays, coconut milk, and arrowroot. Bursting with nutrients and negative ions, this rich clay exfoliating mask serves as both a skincare superstar and a bonus mood booster. 

Once reserved for the exclusive use of the ladies of the Japanese royal court, fine ground adzuki beans have been proven to brighten complexion, smooth skin, and fade dark spots. Adzuki beans have a natural enzymatic action that helps get rid of dead skin and brightens the complexion and are full of saponin which has a natural enzymatic action that dissolves dead skin and brightens the complexion. 

Brightening Facial Grains

The clays in our Brightening Facial Grains exfoliating mask create a blend bursting with natural minerals that’s the perfect match for any skin type. The detoxifying properties found in French green clay and Fuller’s earth are strong enough to penetrate oily skin and visibly brighten skin while rhassoul clay provides enough nourishment for even the driest skin. Charcoal serves to actively attract the toxins drawn out by the other clays to the skin’s surface, to be washed away. Negative ions found in bentonite clay stick around after the mask has been removed, boosting serotonin production for a calming effect.

With each use, a balanced clay mask sucks toxins out of your pores, tones the skin and purifies your complexion. Our proprietary clay blend makes this product perfect for dry, oily, and combination skin types. You’ll be glowing in no time! 

DIY Exfoliating Oatmeal Honey Facial Scrub
Test drive the benefits of an all-natural facial mask at home with this simple DIY recipe. Sloughing-agent oatmeal revitalizes and soothes the skin while honey and coconut oil work together to deliver lasting moisture. Perfect for sensitive, dry or mature skin this winter!


1 tablespoon oatmeal

½ tablespoon raw honey

½ tablespoon organic raw coconut oil

Use your blender or food processor to pulse the oatmeal to a semi-coarse grain, then mix all ingredients together forming a paste.

To apply, massage into the skin, leave to sit for 5 minutes, and then massage away with wet fingers. Remove completely with a warm cloth.

Love the way you and your skin feel after indulging in clean beauty rituals?  Cecile’s offers a standard array of products good for all skin types, as well as custom blends available from our Melanger Bar.


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