Live Cleaner With Natural Skincare At Any Age

Live Cleaner With Natural Skincare At Any Age

Just Like Our Minds And Bodies, Our Skin Has Changing Needs Depending On Age.

Skin confidence is a lifelong pursuit. Long-lasting radiance comes from clean living and clean beauty habits, which you can infuse into your skincare routine at any age!

There’s a lot of talk in the beauty industry about fighting age and concealing the signs of a life well-lived, but natural beauty has something different in mind for us to learn.

Natural skincare involves taking a look at more than just what’s in your beauty cabinet. We know that natural beauty is holistic beauty. In fact, many of our products utilize food-grade ingredients precisely because whole nutrition benefits your whole body! Though your skin has different needs throughout the many phases of your life, it can always be nourished by sustainable and raw ingredients.

Everyone’s skin ages differently

No two boldly beautiful bodies age the same way. As we age, the collagen and elastin production in our skin slows while age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles begin to appear. However, you might notice that some people age faster than others – while some appear to barely age at all!

There are two major factors that influence the way your skin ages. Each of these factors comes with its own unique set of challenges – but the good news is there are many natural skincare treatments to tackle the effects of aging.

Genetic factors: Genetic ageing factors are passed down through your genes. Wondering what your skin will look in a few decades? Look no further than your parents. Because genetic factors influence when and in some respects, how the signs of ageing start to show, there aren’t so many preventative measures we can take to stop genetic ageing in its tracks. However, there are natural beauty remedies available for many of the signs and symptoms of aging skin that can help us feel authentic and courageous in our bodies!

Environmental factors: influenced by our exposure to sun, stress, pollution, your skincare routine and your diet and lifestyle, environmental factors play a huge role in how our skin ages. The good news here is that you have far more control over these influences on your skin! 

Simple and natural ways to care for your skin

Your adventurous lifestyle shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the skin confidence you deserve. There are a few lifestyle changes that everyone can and should benefit from, regardless of age. 

  • Stop smoking
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • No more frowning!
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Exercise

Products that are made for any skin type are great for general care – and will leave you feeling empowered in your skin. Try our Shea Butter Whips and our top selling Coconut Milk Soap – both are soothing and nourishing, making them staples for anyone who seeks to live cleaner!

How to care for your skin naturally, in every decade of your life

Aside from these general tips, there are specific actions everyone can take at any stage of life to nourish and protect their skin. We like to think of it as “Natural Skincare By The Decade” because what your skin needs in your twenties is vastly different from what it needs in your fifties. 

Natural Skincare for Teens

Teenage skin can often be unpredictable thanks to rapidly changing hormones. Try keeping a skin diary or just taking a few simple notes on your skin throughout the day – is it dry in the morning or oily in the afternoon? Understanding how your skin works will help you know how to take care of it.

A simple but indulgent teenage skincare routine looks like this:

  • Cleanse - Stay away from harsh and synthetic chemicals, which you might be tempted to do thanks to advertisements or a desire for a “quick fix.” These chemicals will strip your skin of natural oils and moisture, which can make existing skin problems worse! 
  • Tone with a hydrosol or mist
  • Moisturize - try choosing a simple, natural moisturizer made with oils like grapeseed and avocado oil that won’t overwhelm your skin, like our Shea Butter Whips.
  • Treatments - spots: every teen gets them. Stick to gentle exfolaition like the Brightening Facial Grain and use topical treatments as spots appear. 

Our Daily Essentials Kit is a great starter package for teens, featuring our detoxifying charcoal soap, cucumber rose hydration mist, and ultimate lip conditioner. 

Natural Skincare In Your Twenties

The name of the skincare game starting in your early twenties is: prevention. The temptation of a golden summer glow is strong, but the long-lasting damage that can be done to your skin cells only takes a few years to establish itself thanks to those careless afternoon burns. 

Since UV damage accounts for most of the signs of ageing like sun spots and collagen breakdown, the most important product to keep in your beauty box during this time is sunscreen. Some sunscreens can cause pore blockages or even dry skin, however. Now’s the time to start your double cleansing routine, and add some extra moisture support into your daily skincare rituals! 

  • Start using a day cream that is suitable for your skin type
  • Use a night cream, oil or serum that is rich in antioxidants 
  • Get yourself an eye cream!

Your skin deserves the most after a day at the pool. Use indulgently nourishing shea-based body whips to infuse moisture into your skin along with soothing aromatherapy. 

Natural Skincare In Your Thirties

By the time your thirties rolls around, the effects of your guilty lifestyle pleasures like smoking, drinking and sunbathing will start to set in. Look out for the effects of poor sleep, stress, diet, and other flags of an unhealthy lifestyle via skin dehydration.

Keep your skin and lifestyle clean and well hydrated by adding the following to your routine:

  • Clean up your lifestyle – stop smoking now, and work on a healthy sleep routine! Try one of these simple mindfulness practices to get your mind and body on the right track
  • Add in a serum or Cucumber Rose Hydration mist that includes antioxidannts and other naturally moisturizing ingredients. 
  • Alternate your night cream with an antioxidant rich night oil that contains Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene.

Natural Skincare In Your Forties

You might start to notice that your skin doesn’t bounce back the way it used to thanks to the slowdown of collagen and elastin production. You’ll want to focus on one major factor with your skincare during these years: anti-inflammatory agents. This goes for your diet as well as your skincare – remember, everything is connected!

Other things to try:

  • Exfoliate twice per week with the Brightening Facial Grains to keep skin plump and glowing. Natural exfoliation is great for improving circulation
  • Stimulate your collagen production by looking for Vitamin C and peptides in your natural skin care products to stimulate cell repair
  • Reduce your processed sugar intake, which can cause inflammation. Pick your favorite fruits for dessert instead!
  • Add the following extracts to your regime:
    • Algae extracts, narcissus, buddleia, and madonna lily
    • We create custom products for all ages and skin types. Looking for a product with specific extracts? Send us a message so we can create one for you! 
  • Facial yoga, acupuncture, gua shua, and jade rolling will help soothe redness and puffiness, promote skin firmness and elasticity and also drain the lymph nodes

Natural Skincare In Your Fifties

In your fifties, the biggest change since puberty will take place for your skin – menopause. You’ll want to continue focusing on anti-inflammatory agents, hydration, nourishment, and products that promote elasticity. 

  • Essential fatty acid-rich foods and minerals or add supplements like fish oil to your diet
  • Layer the Essential Elixir Facial Serum over creams at night for skin repair, or even try sleeping in a moisturizing mask
  • Boost your skin’s natural hydration barriers by organic hydrosols like those contained in the Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist. 
  • Seek out regenerating products for stimulating collagen and firming skin
  • Lavender acts as a natural restricting agent to minimize the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles – add lavender to any of our products to experience the benefits! 
  • Continue with stimulating facial massage techniques

Natural, whole-ingredient skincare products are a must-have at any age. Looking to revamp your skincare routine? Shop our all-natural products or reach out to have one custom-made for your skin type today. 

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