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Refreshed Mist Set (2 oz./56g)

Refreshed Mist Set (2 oz./56g)

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Our Refreshed Mist Set is the perfect blend of the soothing aromatherapy of essential oils and skin-loving hydrosols. 


- Rejuvenate Calmative Mist (2 oz.)

- Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist (2 oz.)


Rejuvenate Calmative Mist - "It’s like a deep breath for the soul.”

Our Rejuvenate Calmative Mist is a nuanced aroma designed to relax, uplift, and hydrate. Perfect for aromatherapy anytime, anywhere!

Pure Lavender and Ylang essential oils create the base for this nuanced aroma designed to relax and promote feelings of peace and well-being.

Who is this Product for? Designed to soothe fussy babies, works on adults, too! Perfect for women and moms as a fragrance and to reset the mood at home or work.


Feels like fresh summer sunshine. 

With a beautiful soft floral aroma, our Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist hydrates skin and helps prevent fine lines. Both calming and invigorating, this blend contributes to balanced sebum production and an uplifted mood. 

Naturally nourishing for all skin types and helps provide a soft, fresh glow.

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