Get Healthy Skin With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Get Healthy Skin With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Live Bolder And Cleaner With Simple Lifestyle Changes For Healthy Skin

We’ve all been there: waking up in the morning, reaching for the coffee pot in lieu of a nutritious breakfast, sitting straight down to work and not making any meaningful movement for hours… even sometimes for the rest of the day. By the time the evening rolls around, you’re feeling bloated, stagnant, and more exhausted than ever. Not to mention, your skin is dull, dehydrated, and dare we say, looking very uninspired. 

Nourished skin starts with clean living, from the very foods you eat to how much sleep you’re getting. Turning healthy actions into habits is a process, but one that is so worth it for your well-being. Did you know that you can achieve a glowing, healthy complexion and confidence in your skin through a few simple lifestyle changes? Paired with whole-ingredient, nutritious skin care products, finding your authentic skin is a rewardingly adventurous pursuit.

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10 Lifestyle Changes To Try For Maintaining Healthy Skin

1. Exercise 

Exercise is a huge stress reliever and has been shown to decrease skin inflammation. Not sure where to start? Aerobics, cycling, yoga or pilates are great options for those looking to get moving. Exercise is also a great way to introduce mindful movement into your life, which can decrease stress - and just so happens to be soothing for your skin as well! 

2. Hydrate

Good for every aspect of your body from your hair to your intestines, water is considered the essence of life for a reason. When your organs are well-hydrated, your body is better able to eliminate toxins through the epidermis and your liver. Try this easy morning ritual for an inspiring start to your day: jump-start your digestive system with a mood- and skin-brightening concoction of warm water, a squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh ginger, then give your skin some extra support in maintaining hydration with a few spritzes of our Cucumber Rose Hydration Mist. Your skin, stomach, and intestines will thank you! 

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3. Eliminate Toxins

Hydration may play a huge role in eliminating toxins within your body, but you can cleanse and nourish your system in more ways than one. Regular exfoliation, facials and steaming are great ways to remove toxins from the surface of the skin. Using charcoal soaps, masks and deodorant provides a deeper detox, drawing out toxins from the body and blood stream while simultaneously delivering nutrients and soothing botanicals to your system. Try replacing your current face wash with our Detoxifying Charcoal Soap to see a noticeable difference in how clean and soothed your skin is.

You might not be aware of all of your sensitivities, but Identifying allergies and allergens is another way in which you can identify and eliminate toxins that will cause reactions and inflammation in your body. High levels of chemical exposure from over the counter products and environmental concerns can influence your well-being, as well as food sensitivities. Talk to your doctor to see if allergens might be causing any persisting inflammation! 

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4. Eat Well

Whole, sustainable and nourishing ingredients in our products are food for your skin. We use natural ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about what’s in your products, making clean living easy, indulgent and enjoyable. The same philosophy may also be helpful for you when it comes to your diet as well! Try stocking your diet with foods that have essential fatty acids and foods packed with natural hydration, like fruits and vegetables. The fiber, vitamins and minerals in whole foods will keep your system happy and your skin glowing.

5. Check Your Sugar Intake

Healthy eating includes cutting back on your sugar intake, which many people may find difficult to do. Sugar can cause inflammation of existing skin issues like acne, eczema and rosacea – not to mention, it can cause some serious energy crash problems. Considering your sugar intake as part of a holistic approach to caring for your skin, mind and body can lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle in general!

6. Practice Mindfulness

A happy mind begets happy skin. Mindfulness practices, like physical exercise, have been proven to reduce stress levels and therefore reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol your body produces, which can cause your skin to become irritated or inflamed thanks to hormones. Stress can inhibit your body’s immune response as well. Kick-start your skin’s healing response by starting an aromatherapy-supported mindfulness practice! 

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7. Sleep Well

Sleep is a great anti-inflammatory activity that also helps you to relax your facial muscles, allowing your skin to regenerate. Improve your sleep by infusing aromatherapy into your nighttime routine with this simple bedtime ritual. The Rejuvenate Calmative Mist is the perfect night time companion - just spritz over your blankets for a calming, relaxing mood brought on by pure essential oils. 

8. Cut Back On Alcohol & Caffeine

Of course, two of our biggest loves as a society are two of your skin’s worst nightmares: coffee and alcohol. 

Coffee contains relatively large amounts of caffeine, which wreaks havoc on your skin’s natural beauty. A natural diuretic, caffeine makes it difficult for your body to retain enough moisture to leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Caffeine also disrupts your natural sleep cycle when you drink too much of it, and too late in the day.

A night of drinking can not only leave you bloated and hungover, but dehydrated as well. If you do go out for a nightcap, make sure to treat your skin with extra care when you get home. Slather on ultra-moisturizing Shea Butter Whips for a morning glow. 

9. Ditch Your Smoking Habit

Just like alcohol and caffeine, never underestimate the dehydrating power that smoking cigarettes can have on your skin. Smoking inhibits the amount of oxygen in your body, decreasing blood flow and causing your skin to look dull, dry, and lifeless. Make sure to moisturize thoroughly in the morning and the evening! 

10. Create Your Skincare Ritual

Rituals are important activities that can calm, center, and nourish your mind and body. Whether it'a a morning facial massage with the Essential Elixir Facial Serum, an afternoon aromatherapy session, or evening bath ritual, these little moments of sensory indulgence can work wonders for your skin.

Cecile's Bath & Body creates products to help you live cleanly and boldly, but we also love sharing with you some of our own favorite, tried and true rituals:

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